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Chosen for Temperament, Looks and Health

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From the moment we took Rosie home, we knew she would bring us so much joy. She is gentle and calm with our three rambunctious children. She is lively and dominant over our sweet male but loves him intensely. She travels well and we often camp and visit the lake with our poodles. She loves every one of our many visitors and you will love to meet her. Rosie has a dark red coat and black points. She has an excellent square shape and conformation, with 26 inches at the withers and across the back.

Best of Friends

Rosie and Rowan are best friends and spend every moment together playing or napping. They are excellent companions. Companionship between dogs is a true blessing to them and greatly increases their quality of life.

Rosie & Rowan running at our property off Hickman Creek.
23_0428_Malissa and poodles-ww-4303.jpg

Rosie's beautiful color and loving temperament are two of our favorite qualities! She is agile and strong and her pups make great sport dogs.

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