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Meet Our Beautiful Boy

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Red Standard Poodle

Rowan is our main man here at Lexington Poodle Company. He has perfect genes, excellent hips, eyes and temperament. He is gentle, calm and obedient. He is an excellent stud and has many beautiful litters all over the country. He has great conformation with 26 inches at the withers and across the back. He is available for studding year round to health checked females. We offer four days of boarding and studding during heat for $1000. Specimen shipping and local appointments also available. Please text or email for further studding details.

Red with Amber Eyes

We brought Rowan home six months before having our oldest daughter and our family jokingly refers to him as "our oldest child." Poodles are a special breed and thrive in homes with lots of love and attention to give. Our poodles have wonderful adjusted puppies because they spend so much time around people themselves.

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